Retour sur Walk and Talk
Lac Chambon

oct, 2021

Retours sur le Metaform Events : Walk & Talk du samedi 2 octobre.
Cette balade autour du Lac Chambon a été l'occasion parfaite pour parler Anglais dans une ambiance conviviale.

Retours sur l'évènement :

"It was a pleasure to participate at this walk and talk time.Such a great idea !!
I liked to practice this way, of course ,but also sharing the difficulties with the others. It reminded me when I arrived in foreign countries .
Thanks to you and to Pascale who invited me . I’m ready for another one !
So you must do it again !( Especially if you want to try more desserts !
Have a nice Sunday"


"Thanks fou tour kindly message and this fine event yesterday. It joins doing some sport and talking. It was very pleasant . Thanks four your welcoming of my friend, who was very happy to be with us. It will be nice to repeat this kind of event. Thanks for the photos.
Have a beautiful Sunday.
Hope to see you further.

Véronique and Gilles

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